Successful lead-gen campaign at product launch




The leading provider of climate-neutral energy launched a complete package consisting of a solar system, SchwarmBatterie and 100% green electricity for homeowners in Germany.

- 75%

CPL (Cost per Lead)

4 x



Lead generation via Facebook + Instagram

Position the complete package with attention-grabbing meta ads for lead acquisition more strongly in the market and scale sales continuously.


Success Story Lichtblick


Meta pixel and advanced targeting

Lead acquisition on the website was implemented with a Typeform funnel and made measurable with a meta pixel. In addition to lookalikes, postcode targeting was also used. This included the craftsman installation area to target only homeowners, where a regional installation was possible.

Subsequent sales of the complete package were fed back into the attribution as offline conversions so that the learning system received valuable signals and could target the targeting even more precisely. This made it possible to optimise not on the most favourable cost per lead, but on a corridor with the highest possible sales potential.


Success Story LichtBlick


CPL decreases by 75%

The meta campaigns have demonstrably contributed to positioning the complete package and especially the SchwarmBatterie more strongly and to continuously scaling lead acquisition.

Since the start of the campaign, the conversion rate has increased by a factor of 4, while the cost per lead has been cut in four. In order to cope with the increased lead volume, additional assembly partners were acquired and the product portfolio expanded.


Success Story Lichtblick


Geo- und Lookalike Targeting

Reach new relevant audiences.


Offline Conversions

Measure offline events.


Meta Pixel

Measure activity and conversions for your ads.


"With Johannes, we have a very competent, versatile and holistically thinking Growth Consultant at our side, who has contributed significantly to the success we have achieved. His experience, proactive and forward-looking impulses on technical, creative, market and campaign-related topics have always provided new starting points to further develop and optimise the entire lead process."



Christoph Seehaus, Senior Online Marketing Manager Lichtblick