Launching New Products with a Customized Facebook Pixel

OBI Selbstbaumöbel



When we as a Meta Business Partner teamed up with DIY furniture online store OBI Selbstbaumöbel, to adopt Facebook's ad solutions, the store saw more leads at a higher conversion rate than with any other paid-for channel.

7 x

increase in lead volume


share of total paid leads

6 x

increase in collection ad views


Boost new offers with more variants and options

OBI Selbstbaumöbel («DIY furniture»), as one of OBI's lighthouse projects, provides a customizable, playful access to OBI's world of DIY, reaching a completely new audience for the online store.

OBI wanted to drive awareness, leads, and orders for its new DIY furniture platform, while maximizing relevance and effectiveness in target audience with Facebook's latest ad products. By teaming with Fiegenbaum Solutions, OBI was able to adopt Facebook's ad solutions and create better products more quickly.




Instant experiences for easy discovery

While OBI boosted the new offer with more variants and options, Fiegenbaum Solutions manually and on the fly built up a custom product catalogue to enable feed-based advertising formats; for example, instant experiences. The product imagery focused on the product and played on its trendiness too; hence, Facebook’s instant experience was the best possible translation into an ad format, allowing users to conveniently discover the product and its range of variants.

To maximize the discoverability of the offer, Fiegenbaum Solutions advised OBI to implement the pixel events required for Facebook’s dynamic product ads, despite not yet having a checkout process on the website. This enabled broad audience targeting, which applies machine learning to pre-select which users are shown the ad. As there was no previous experience in advertising Selbstbaumöbel, the resulting insights were used to further hone the offer.




Assembling a winning campaign

The combination of visually appealing collection ads and broad targeting in partnership with Fiegenbaum Solutions brought OBI more leads at a higher conversion rate than any other paid-for channel over the same time.

  • Contributed 50% of all Selbstbaumöbel leads
  • Topped any paid measure for conversion rate
  • Delivered up to 7x as much lead volume as search ads





Display your products and get shoppers to purchase.


Facebook Pixel

Measure activity and conversions for your ads.


"Being able to fully utilize Facebook’s latest solutions really makes a difference to the quality of results and the next steps this empowers us to take. With Fiegenbaum Solutions, we found a partner whose deep knowledge and experience with Facebook’s platform helps us to deliver business results and stand out as innovation leader, internally, and externally."



Ulrike Wiegert

Project Manager Content Campaigning

OBI Marketing