30% more events with conversion API integration



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+ 30%

Attributed events


more optimisation events


Advantages in the midst of strong competition

Innovative financial products have a hard time on social platforms. The latest Nike sneaker is only a story away, appeals to a larger target group, runs ever more cost-efficiently and delivers ever more actions and attributable behavioural data than any investment offer. And this is despite Apple's app tracking transparency frameworks and lack of a conversion API. This makes it all the more important, if not vital, for a fintech to make effective use of the budgets invested in advertising. Bang for the buck.





Meta Pixel, Conversion API and Advanced Matching and Targeting

The solution was to implement advanced matching, meta pixel and conversion API tracking and attribution based on current capabilities and actively use them for optimisation.

For this purpose, the website's completion process was equipped with conversion API events and individual meta pixel events, which allow the advertising media and campaign effectiveness to be precisely classified and evaluated. It was also possible to see which buyer personas reacted how and how access to the platform via meta fits into the overall marketing context. Subsequently, individual events were further adjusted in order to optimise the relationship between event quantity and event quality.




Number of optimisation events quadrupled

- The number of attributable events was increased by 30% with the Conversion API.
- The event match quality achieved was in the upper third.
- The number of optimisation events achieved was gradually improved by 400%.


Inventure Website


Advanced Matching

Increase the number of attributed events.


Conversion API

Better data control.


Meta Pixel

Measure and optimise ad effectiveness.


"Johannes supported us from the very beginning in the best possible technical setup of the Meta platform. His approach was transparent and comprehensible at all times, no questions remained unanswered. In addition, Johannes continuously made further precise suggestions for the ongoing optimisation of our setup. Thanks to his preparatory work, we were able to implement everything very quickly. We are now in a strong position to use the platform efficiently and scale our growth."


Samuel Gassauer, CTO inVenture