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About Fiegenbaum Solutions


Fiegenbaum Solutions is an independent, internationally active consulting boutique for the companies of tomorrow.


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Founded in 2014, I can draw on many years of experience in advising my clients.

My partnership approach is not just a philosophy, but a proven method that allows me to work closely with my clients. I understand that every organisation is unique and has individual needs.

That's why I take the time to understand every detail and develop customised solutions that are tailored to their specific requirements and goals. This close collaboration leads to deep understanding and trust building, which in turn forms the basis for the tangible added value I create for my clients.

Regardless of the status quo, whether it's a start-up just beginning its journey or an established company looking to explore new growth horizons, my approach remains the same: listen, understand, strategise and implement. This is how I manage to achieve sustainable success and effectively support my clients' business goals.


How I can help

I save my clients costs and reduce their risks by:

  • Developing ESG/sustainability strategies: I develop customised sustainability strategies that take into account both your environmental goals and your business needs. This includes analysing environmental risks, engaging stakeholders and implementing sustainable practices into operations, such as Lifecycle assessments.
  • Integrate marketing technologies: I support you in identifying and evaluating the latest marketing technologies and implementing them in a data protection-compliant manner. This includes in particular the Conversion API and Marketing Mix Modelling.
  • Compliance and reporting: I support you in understanding and complying with legal regulations such as the CSRD, CBAM, CSDDD, GDPR. This includes preparing sustainability reports, meeting environmental standards and ensuring transparency in reporting.
  • Increasing efficiency and reducing costs: By introducing sustainable technologies and marketing tech, I can help you lower your operating costs and reduce expenses.
  • Data-driven decision making: I work with the latest technology, without being a believer in progress, to provide data-driven insights that support marketing decisions and sustainability initiatives. This enables you to formulate goals based on sound data.
  • Impact Modeling: Particularly for pre-sees/seed startups and VC/PE, I offer calculations of CO2e impact and risk analyses to help articualte impact. Additionally, ESG strategies function as a negative filter to avoid negative effects.

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