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Marketing Mix Modeling-as-a-Service

Spend budgets efficiently.

Spending marketing budgets efficiently is a real challenge

In the dynamic environment of online advertising on platforms like Meta, Google, and TikTok, it's crucial to continuously adapt and identify both opportunities and risks. Amidst the deluge of changes, be it through legislation in the form of data protection or limitations of data feedback by the platforms themselves, developing a consistent and internally convincing marketing strategy can be challenging. Typically, 20-30% of the budget is misallocated.

By applying Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM), I can analyse your advertising setup with Hanseatic composure and pragmatism, elevating it to a new level. My MMM-as-a-Service allows you to precisely measure and understand the impact of various marketing activities on revenue and other key performance indicators, enabling informed decision-making and more effective allocation of the marketing budget.

The beautiful part is: my service pays for itself.

I have already carried out successful projects with these companies:
Commerzbank Baloise Holding UBS Eventim Meta OBI YFood Babbel Birkenstock Flyeralarm Manitober

What is Marketing Mix Modeling?

MMM is an econometric modelling tool used to quantify the incremental effect of marketing measures and other activities on specific performance indicators such as sales figures or website visits. This comprehensive model is deployed to optimise the allocation of the marketing budget across various channels, product segments, and geographic markets, and enables forecasts about the impacts of future events or campaigns.

Imagine Marketing Mix Modeling as reverse-engineering a cake. You want to find out which ingredients are in a cake to bake it yourself. You find the recipe and you're ready to go! Now you can successfully replicate this dessert anytime, and you might even want to experiment with the recipe to see if it works with different ingredients or which proportion of ingredients yields even more delicious results.

That's how MMM works.

It allows us to better understand the factors (ingredients) that influence business KPIs (the cake) over time, offering flexibility in the process.

And because I offer this as an independent service, you don't need to procure any software yourself, pay expensive specialist agencies, or even write code.


What you'll get

  • A media plan simulation over desired budget size and period for efficient budget use
  • An effectiveness analysis of each channel/campaign including ROI, diminishing marginal utility, and adstock
  • Fundamental answers to questions like offline versus online, brand versus performance, reach versus retargeting in the marketing mix
  • And ideally, plenty of homework to structurally improve your marketing

Process flow

7x more Leads

OBI Selbstbaumöbel & Fiegenbaum Solutions

Success Story

We teamed up with DIY furniture online store, OBI Selbstbaumöbel, to adopt Facebook's ad solutions, the store saw more leads at a higher conversion rate than with any other paid-for channel.

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Success Story: OBI and Fiegenbaum Solutions

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