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Sustainability consulting to the point

I support companies in accelerating their journey to net zero and beyond.

For the leaders of the emerging future

Every organisation, regardless of its size or sector, must undergo a fundamental transformation to drastically and rapidly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Moreover, it is crucial to actively shape other areas such as diversity, inclusion, and procurement to best position oneself for a successful future.

Whether it's about modelling emissions, recommending strategies for reducing CO2e, navigating through CSRD or ESG - or all of the above: I offer you tailored, holistic sustainability consulting that pays off.

I have already carried out successful projects with these companies:
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My Offering

I have honed my expertise in sustainability through guidance from consultants at Yale University, OnePointFive,, and Project Drawdown.

With over 10 years of experience in independent business consultancy, I am well-versed in the requirements and contexts of corporations, SMEs, and startups.

Achieving net zero necessitates specialized knowledge that considers business operations and external systems. This expertise is often lacking within most companies. Despite tangible, measurable ecological trends, complex and dynamic climatic and regulatory challenges will impact companies and industries differently. This requires know-how tailored to the specific business needs.

I have a global network of sustainability professionals on relevant topics and work with corporations, startups, and venture capitalists on the following challenges:



Success Story

OBI Selbstbaumöbel & Fiegenbaum Solutions

Start einer neuen Produktlinie mit individualisiertem Facebook-Pixel

Um OBI einen erfoglreichen Start mit der neuen Produktlinie Selbstbaumöbel zu ermöglichen, setzte ich ein individuelles Pixel-Konzept ein, das zur höchsten Lead-Anzahl und Conversion-Rate aller bezahlten Maßnahmen führte.

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Getting sustainability in place early

Success Story

Konfidens, the mental health care solution provider, decreases its ecological footprint and introduces ESG measures to showcase their commitment to positive change.

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