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Efficient Social Ads for more customers, more control, more revenue


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Grow your business

Win more customers through social advertising.

Identify and exploit long-term and systematic growth opportunities via Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Tiktok Ads, LinkedIn Ads and Co.

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Simplify social advertising

Save money and time so you can focus on the most important things to build your business successfully.

I offer you: 20% effort for 80% return. Because: Not all Ads Manager input fields are equal. To achieve quick and easy results, I have perfected the Pareto principle for advertising on Facebook and Tiktok.

Paid Social: Solved.

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Social Advertising vereinfachen

Optimise campaign results

You are already achieving results, but are convinced that more is possible? You'd like to spot and resolve limitations?

With years of experience as a Meta Business Partner and up-to-date insights into all social platforms, I analyse and optimise advertising accounts, attribution and implementation to make media buying as efficient as possible.

Optimise now

Kampagnen-Ergebnisse optimieren

Tech Stack Integration

Developer resources are expensive. I support you in implementing or implement myself to help you get ahead fast.

Together we improve technical control over paid social, expand marketing opportunities and try completely new approaches.

Stack now

Tech Stack Integration
A man who stops advertising to save money
is like a man who stops a clock to save time

– Henry Ford


I have been optimising the efficiency and impact of paid social professionally since 2010. I know and can solve any challenge. In doing so, I deliberately do without employees, as I like to work directly and personally with my clients.

Work with me

Social Advertising Audit

- Evaluate status quo
- Point out areas for improvement
- Recommendations for direct action
- Advertising trends and technical development

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Sparring Partner

- Setup support
- Pixel catalogue, pixel events, app events
- Advertising consulting for eCommerce
- Advertising trends and technical development
- Direct execution of campaigns
- Coordination of service providers

Technical Implementation

- Marketing Stack Analysis
- Tools Integrations
- Tracking
- API Solutions
- Conversion API
- Marketing Tools
- Reporting and Analytics


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