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Consulting for the Companies of Tomorrow



Shape the future, ensure growth

Since 2014, I have been guiding companies on their successful path to the future.

I offer specialized sustainability consultancy to empower companies to embark on a future-oriented journey. My goal is to integrate sustainable practices that open up new opportunities.

With customized marketing tech strategies across platforms such as Meta, Google, and LinkedIn, I ensure that marketing objectives are achieved efficiently and effectively as well.

With my expertise and your entrepreneurial spirit, we can together create a future that is both profitable and sustainable.

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I have already carried out successful projects with these companies:
Commerzbank Baloise Holding UBS Eventim Meta OBI YFood Babbel Birkenstock Flyeralarm Manitober

The Business Opportunity of the Century

To achieve global sustainability goals, companies need to make their operations and business models more sustainable across multiple areas. Only through fundamental transformation can greenhouse gas emissions be significantly and rapidly reduced, and other environmental issues such as water, waste, and ecosystems also addressed.

Whether it's questions about impact modeling, ESG strategy, Lifecycle Assessments, CSRD reporting, or all of the above - I provide businesses with tailored, comprehensive Net-Zero consultancy that pays off.

Decarbonise now

Social Advertising vereinfachen

Optimise marketing budgets

With my extensive experience as a Meta Business Partner and my expertise across all marketing platforms, I utilise Marketing Mix Modelling (MMM) to analyse and optimise your advertising budgets and campaigns. Conversion API-optimisation plays a huge role, too.

My service assists you in deploying your advertising budgets as efficiently as possible, ensuring you achieve the highest possible Return on Investment, rather than simply pouring money into the platforms.

Optimise now

Kampagnen-Ergebnisse optimieren
The best way to predict the future is to create it.

– Peter Drucker

I know and solve your challenges

Since 2010, I have been working with companies to maximize the opportunities for a successful future. I understand and address every challenge.

I deliberately avoid having employees, as I prefer to work directly and personally with my clients.

Work with me

Take marketing to the next level

- Evaluate status quo
- Conversion API
- Recommendations for direct action
- Marketing Mix Modeling-as-a-Service




Actively Shaping Sustainability

- Developing and managing a Net-Zero strategy along the Scopes
- Implementing Net-Zero measures along the Scopes
- Capturing regulatory and physical climate risks
- Life-cycle Assessments
- Marginal Abatement Cost (MAC) Curves
- Selection of CO2 offset projects

Commerzbank Baloise Holding UBS Eventim Meta OBI YFood Babbel Birkenstock Flyeralarm Manitober