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Double Materiality

Insights and analysis from marketing and sustainability.

Using WhatsApp Business Effectively: Costs and Opportunities

Do you want to use WhatsApp Business as a sales channel for your startup or as a communication...

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Marketing mix modeling made easy: An introduction to Cassandra

Learn how to carry out marketing mix modeling with Cassandra. Ideal for entrepreneurs and start-ups...

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Navigating Marketing Strategies During a Crisis

The financial crisis in 2009, the coronavirus pandemic in 2020-2022, the energy crisis in 2022 -...

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Meta Ad Library: Analyzing Competition and Gaining Insights

Following the events surrounding the election of Donald Trump as President of the USA and the...

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Key Strategies for Successful Startup Marketing

As a startup, it is important to have a successful marketing approach right from the start so that...

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Top Marketing Tools for Startups: Boost Efficiency and Growth

Discover the best marketing tools for start-ups to optimize efficiency and automate processes. From...

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